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Episodes Pilots (1964-1965) Star Trek ' s pilot episode, The Cage, was completed between November 1964 and January 1965, and starred Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike, Majel Barrett as Number One, and Leonard Nimoy as Spock.The pilot was rejected by NBC as being too cerebral among other complaints. Jeffrey Hunter chose to withdraw from the role of Pike when creator Gene. The following are lists of Star Trek episodes: List of Star Trek: The Original Series episodes; List of Star Trek: The Animated Series episodes; List of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes; List of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes; List of Star Trek: Voyager episodes; List of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes; List of Star Trek: Discovery episodes; List of Star Trek: Short Treks episodes

Top 15 Star Trek Episodes as Ranked by IMDb Users a list of 15 images updated 19 May 2016 2016 Oscars In Memoriam a list of 84 images updated 04 Aug 2016 Create a list » User Lists. Related lists from IMDb users. Immediate list a list of 40 titles. See also: Lists of Star Trek episodes. Nine television series and one short-form companion series make up the bulk of the Star Trek franchise: The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Short Treks, Picard and Lower Decks, along with multiple upcoming series which include Prodigy. The Top 100 best Star Trek episodes ever (according to IMDb) 1. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) Error: please try again. Picard awakes to find himself living in a small village where he is a well-known member of the community who is suffering from a delusion of being a starship captain Star Trek: The Next Generation is an American science fiction television series which aired in syndication from September 1987 through May 1994. It is the second live action series of the Star Trek franchise, and comprises a total of 178 episodes over seven seasons. The series picks up about 95 years after the original series is said to have taken.

Star Trek: The Original Series. Star Trek (original title) TV-PG | 50min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | TV Series (1966-1986) Episode Guide. 80 episodes. 1:40 | Trailer. 25 VIDEOS | 1483 IMAGES. In the 23rd Century, Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise explore the galaxy and defend the United Federation of Planets Since the original Star Trek premiered in 1966, through the '90s when no less than three Star Trek series were on at one time, and finally to the emergence of Star Trek: Discovery and soon Picard, there have been over 800 episodes of the franchise. RELATED: How Paramount Almost Killed Star Trek Empire counts down the 50 best Star Trek episodes of all time, spanning The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise Star Trek universum en wereldbeeld. De avonturen van de verschillende televisieseries en films spelen zich hoofdzakelijk af tussen de 21ste en de 24ste eeuw, enkele tijdreizen, flashbacks en flashforwards uitgezonderd. Men is bekend met een aanzienlijk deel van de Melkweg, die is verdeeld in vier kwadranten.Als de Melkweg wordt voorgesteld als een klok, dan is zes uur de positie van het. Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-made film series intended for recreational use. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted

List of Star Trek episodes, chronological. Includes television episodes for all Star Trek series, plus all Star Trek movies, listed chronologically by date of setting We took the time to find out what the 10 best episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series are, according to the fans over at IMDb... 10 The Devil In The Dark: 8.4 Over the years, the original Star Trek episodes have taken their fair share of jabs, due in part to the many cheesy looking aliens the shows have had Cette page présente la liste des épisodes de la série télévisée Star Trek.. Certains titres d'épisodes ont été modifiés au fil du temps par des erreurs de transmission d'informations au début des années 1990.On retrouve ces erreurs dans les différentes sorties VHS et DVD de la série en Europe.La liste ci-dessous contient les titres exacts préparés par la firme Sonolab lors du.

Q episodes in Star Trek. Menu. Movies. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. TV Shows Arm the photon torpedoes and set your phaser to stun. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 Star Trek: The Original Series.. Warning: This article contains Star Trek: Discovery spoilers.. In this week's episode of Star Trek: Discovery, we got confirmation that the crew of the Discovery has landed in the franchise's. Star Trek: Enterprise is an American science fiction television series that originally aired on the UPN network from September 26, 2001 to May 13, 2005. Until the episode Extinction towards the start of the third season, the series was called simply Enterprise without the Star Trek prefix. The series aired for 98 episodes across four seasons, centering on the adventures of the 22nd century starship Enterprise. They are the first deep space explorers in Starfleet, using the first. Sub Rosa The Next Generation. Deep Space Nine is certainly the darkest of the Star Trek series, literally in its lighting and in its overall tone. But Next Gen absolutely served up the most horror episodes, as you can see. In this late episode, we get a classic haunted house tale. When Beverly Crusher visits the house of her recently deceased grandmother, a ghost called Ronin bewitches her.

The Original Series: season 3, episode 12 'The Empath' A number of Star Trek episodes deal with torture, and we've tended to leave them off this list as they're really more upsetting. This week, the Star Trek community suffered a great loss when writer Dorothy Catherine D.C. Fontana passed at age 80. The mind behind many great Trek episodes, Fontana delved into Vulcan and Romulan culture, explored AI, and even received a Hugo Award nomination for co-writing the series premiere of The Next Generation, Encounter at Farpoint with Gene Roddenberry Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl Created by Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller, Michael Chabon. With Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, Rebecca Romijn, Jenette Goldstein. A series of stand-alone short films featuring characters and storylines from Star Trek: Discovery (2017) Just the second Star Trek episode ever aired, Charlie X is essentially a character study. Charlie Evans (Robert Walker Jr. in one of the show's standout guest shots) is a 17-year-old orphan who.

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  1. Der Star Trek Episodenguide ist eine Online-Datenbank mit allen Star Trek Filmen und Serien mit kurzen Beschreibungen zu jeder Episode
  2. The Star Trek Universe is chock-full of alien species, but none have been more enigmatic than Q, the omnipotent rogue refugee from the Q Continuum.Capable of literally anything, Q has vexed three crews of Starfleet personnel. The character was so popular (due in no small part to the expert portrayal by the talented John de Lancie) he appeared on episodes of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine.
  3. g. But even those who subscribe to this logic would have a hard time arguing the merits of The Savage Curtain
  4. From the episode: Let That Be Your Last Battlefiel

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In an episode that calls to mind the best of the Alien franchise, Empok Nor is one of the most unsettling Star Trek episodes of all time. The story finds O'Brien and his DSN crew on a mission to salvage Cardassian equipment left behind at their sister space station. RELATED: Star Trek: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Deep Space Nine (According To. Star Trek Beyond is the first of the new Trek films that embodies the classic series' adventurous spirit and hopeful tone. Seeing as how 2016 is the 50th anniversary of the USS Enterprise and its faithful crew, it seems fitting to take a look back at the series that started it all. Here are the ten best episodes of Star Trek, as chosen by a Trek nerd who will endanger his own life by saying. Numerous undeveloped Star Trek episodes were written for Star Trek: The Original Series.These stories were submitted or developed for production, but for various reasons never aired. Star Trek is..., the very first series outline, listed a number of short ideas for episodes, thought up by Gene Roddenberry.Some of these ideas were never produced, whereas others were

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Episodes Star Trek: The Next Generation. Release year: 1987. The crew defends humanity against an omnipotent being, gets caught in a 1940s detective story, receives messages from a lifeless planet and more. 1. Encounter at Farpoint: Parts 1 & 2 91m. On the maiden. Created by Mike McMahan. With Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, Noël Wells, Eugene Cordero. The support crew serving on one of Starfleet's least important ships, the U.S.S. Cerritos, have to keep up with their duties, often while the ship is being rocked by a multitude of sci-fi anomalies Several episodes of the original Star Trek find the crew coming face to face with seemingly omnipotent foes, but few are as quite as memorable as William Campbell's performance as the ebullient. Of the three 1980s/90s Star Trek series, Voyager takes the longest to really get up a head of steam. The very premise of the show, i.e. Federation citizens and members of a terrorist organization must learn to band together to survive in an unknown part of the galaxy, is mostly forgotten by episode 4 of season 1.In addition, the show's two most notable characters - the Doctor and Seven. SPOILER WARNING: Make sure you're caught up on the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery. We've brought you a sneak peek of next week's episode of Star Trek: Discovery . Star Trek: Discovery streams exclusively on CBS All Access in the United States, airs on Bell Media's CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave in Canada, and on Netflix in 190 countries

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Star Trek: 10 Best Odo Episodes. Odo's greatest Deep Space Nine moments, fittingly, took many forms. by Alastair Greenwell . Jan 25, 2021 January 25th, 2021. Paramount In 7 seasons and 178 episodes, Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced the world to a brand new array of stars like Sir Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis and LeVar Burton whilst simultaneously. Track Star Trek: Discovery new episodes, see when is the next episode air date, series schedule, trailer, countdown, calendar and more. TV show guide for Star Trek: Discovery Star Trek: Discovery : Episode 12 || FULL EPISODES | On Series Star Trek: Discovery Ep 12 Episodes : features the hero in action scenes that display and explore exotic locations. The subgenres o RELATED: 10 Reasons Star Trek: Discovery Is The Best Star Trek Spinoff. This sets up an intense episode during which Section 31's capabilities become clearer and Control's intentions reveal themselves. As the story unfolds we see conspiracy, murder, drama, and sacrifice take place in order to restore normality. 3 S1 Ep12 Vaulting Ambition.

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Star Trek. It's one of the most quintessential pieces of science-fiction television around. And there's a whole damn lot of it, even if you cut it down to the current eight different shows in. Still, four seasons gives us almost 100 episodes to choose from. So. here we are, the 10 Enterprise episodes that any Star Trek fan can watch and enjoy, regardless of that niggling feeling you get. Star Trek is a science fiction franchise comprising nine television series, thirteen films, three companion series, numerous novels, comics, video games, reference works, podcasts, role playing games, along with thousands of collectibles. 1 History 2 Production history 2.1 The Original Series 2.2 Spin-off series 2.3 Films 2.4 Aftershows 2.5 Podcasts 2.6 Unproduced projects 3 Overseas.

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  1. Star Trek: Discovery Recap: An Unstoppable Force A perfect marriage of formats, a main character's long-deserved redemption, and an exciting new face combine for a hall-of-fame episode. Episode.
  2. Original Star Trek Pilot Episode . On September 8, 1966, the original science-fiction series Star Trek aired its first episode, The Man Trap. The episode introduced characters such as William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as First Officer Spock, and DeForest Kelley as Doctor Leonard Bones McCoy. However, The Man Trap wasn't the original pilot for the series
  3. With so many episodes of Star Trek out there, there were bound to be some horrible missteps. A group of fans hashes through space hippies, stolen brains and an awful series finale to find the.
  4. Moments of Star Trek: Discovery — Inside the Season 3 Finale 31:35m WATCH: Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Paradise and Olatunde Osunsanmi Head to The Ready Roo
  5. Star Trek: Picard features Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard, which he played for seven seasons on Star Trek: The Next Generation.The new series will follow this iconic character into the next chapter of his life. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment

The iconic series Star Trek follows the crew of the starship USS Enterprise as it completes its missions in space in the 23rd century. Captain James T. Kirk -- along with half- human/half-Vulcan science officer Spock, ship Dr. Bones McCoy, Ensign Pavel Chekov, communications officer Lt. Nyota Uhura, helmsman Lt. Hikaru Sulu and chief engineer Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scotty Scott -- confront. Television Quiz / Star Trek: TNG Episodes Random Television or Numbers Quiz Can you name the episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation? by Keit Plays Quiz Updated Jan 28, 2020 . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star Popular Quizzes Today. Star Trek Voyager gave fans some iconic and beloved characters, such as Seven of Nine, Captain Janeway, and Tom Paris. However, the Doctor is a character that is arguably THE most loved by Voyager.

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On Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode 8, PIcard learns how deep the roots of the anti-synth conspiracy go while Narissa orders Elnor's capture, causing great disruption 1. Spock's Brain [Full episode video] Generally considered to be the worst episode of any Star Trek series ever -- a title of disgrace that has endured despite the later invention of both Star.

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Star Trek has a long history of seeing popular actors enter the director's chair. With this Voyager episode, LeVar Burton took a turn (though it was not his first time in the center seat) Star Trek: Discovery is an American television series created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for the streaming service CBS All Access.Launched in 2017, it is the first scripted series developed specifically for that service. The seventh series in the Star Trek franchise, it was the first series in the franchise since Star Trek: Enterprise concluded in 2005 Star Trek faced long odds on its way to redefining what sci-fi could be. I remember the fatigue and the tension every season, of wondering if we would be canceled or not, recalls William Shatner. I used the data I originally gathered for the original-airdate-list, and sorted it by star date.What you see here is the resulting list. Note that the last quarter of the list is not very interesting since it contains an unordered mix of the episodes for which the star date is not known This is a timeless list of 20 thrilling Star Trek episodes that delight, excite, and entertain, all the while exploring the deepest aspects of the human condition and questioning our place in the.

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  1. Star Trek is also full of episodes that stand among the best in television. As tight as the race was for worst episode, the competition for the finest is even tougher
  2. The Star Trek universe may be known for its heady, philosophical take on science-fiction, and its utopian future, but it has occassionally dipped into the horror genre. You can find chest-bursting aliens, haunted spaceships, psychological torment, split personalities and nightmares come to life across all of the Star Trek TV series
  3. The cliff-hanger, Star Trek's first as a season closer, drove fans up the wall for months, with the main story wrapped up in the first episode of season 4 and an epilogue in the second episode.
  4. Star Trek episodes — particularly ones from the older, more episodic series — tend to end on an up note.That makes sense, considering Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's utopian vision for the future
  5. How Much Star Trek Is There? There are six Star Trek TV series that ran at irregular intervals between 1967 and 2005. Star Trek (1966 to 1969) ran for three seasons and 79 episodes.In this.

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  1. Pandemic Episodes from Star Trek Voyager (VOY): VOY - 1×4 - Phage - introduction of the Viddians that are suffering from an aggressive leprosy like disease call the Phage. This is an ongoing plot point* VOY - 2×25 - Resolutions - Janeway and Chakotay contract an incurable virus
  2. The theme of exploration continued in Star Trek with a new Federation starship, the USS Voyager, being transported to the previously unexplored Delta Quadrant.The show featured the first female captain heading a series, Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway. The characters struggled with dwindling supplies and unfamiliar territory as they tried to make their way home
  3. Episode Name: Production: Airdate: Beyond The Farthest Star: 22004: 8 Sep, 1973: Yesteryear: 22003: 15 Sep, 1973: One Of Our Planets Is Missing: 22007: 22 Sep, 197
  4. This list of episodes is a guide to the character and her development over the course of Star Trek: Voyager. If you've never seen the show, you can probably still follow the bulk of the story from these episodes (especially because we start with the first episode, which sets the premise for the entire series), but the priority is B'Elanna's character, rather than story arcs

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Cinefantastique ranked Far Beyond the Stars as the seventh best episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Cinefantastique honored the episode with a cover image in 1999. (Cinefantastique, Vol. 32, No. 4/5, p. 99-100) Empire Magazine placed Far Beyond the Stars third in a list of the top fifty Star Trek episodes If you've only seen the recent Star Trek movies, you might be eager to jump into the Star Trek universe.But the question is, where do you start? The Next Generation is a terrific show, but you might not be ready to binge watch all seven seasons. Here are the ten best episodes to start with

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  1. In each of these episodes, you're guaranteed to learn something about the Star Trek universe and, in some cases, even challenge your own moral beliefs about right and wrong. 10. Regeneration.
  2. Somehow, this powerhouse finds time between fighting for voter rights, delivering political commentary, and, yes, writing romance novels, to also maintain her status as a massive fan of Star Trek. Hosts Tawny Newsome and Paul F. Tompkins talk to Abrams about politics, ethics, and one of her favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  3. One of Star Trek's most popular characters Data has appeared in quite a few episodes, and today, we're looking at the ones where the sentient android shined the brightest. Here are our picks.
  4. Star Trek: Discovery [1] est une série télévisée américaine de science-fiction créée par Bryan Fuller et Alex Kurtzman.C'est la 6 e série en prise de vue réelle de l'univers Star Trek, la précédente, Star Trek: Enterprise, ayant cessé en 2005.Elle se passe une dizaine d'années avant la série originale et introduit de nouveaux personnages, qui ne sont pas liés au film de 2016.
  5. This fall marks 30 years since Star Trek: The Next Generation boldly hit the airwaves — the show had huge shoes to fill and was marked for failure by many. But after all this time, TNG.
  6. Star Trek was scheduled to air a new episode every Thursday in the United States. So, as evidenced by the Montreal Gazette's ad, Canada chose to air the weekly episodes on Tuesday.. According to.
  7. The latest iteration of Star Trek has featured plenty of twists, but none quite so shocking or unique as the revelation in Sunday's episode that Lorca — Discovery's fierce captain — has.

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'Star Trek: Discovery' offers a better take with season 3, episode 8 'The Sanctuary' By Scott Snowden 04 December 2020 The story arc moves forward a little, but sets up even bigger events for next. Star Trek Discovery season 3 release schedule and episode guide. When do new episodes of Star Trek Discovery season 3 come out in the UK Picking up decades after Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek series, The Next Generation follows the intergalactic adventures of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his loyal crew aboard the all-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, as they explore new worlds Here they discuss Star Trek episodes in order. And it is awesome. Featuring thoughtful commentary, synopses and behind-the-scenes information, special guests, and the popular '6 Degrees of Trek' trivia, anyone can enjoy these podcasts Frequency 2 episodes / month Since Dec 2010 Podcast trekcompanion.podbean.co

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I've wanted to write about Star Trek for a long time, but i t was always a question of where to start? So, about a month ago I decided to write a post ranking all the Trek episodes ever. Critics Consensus: Although it takes an episode to achieve liftoff, Star Trek: Discovery delivers a solid franchise installment for the next generation -- boldly led by the charismatic Sonequa.

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Every episode contained multiple references and callbacks to something from the grand 55-year history of Star Trek, which you can check out in our Season 1 and Season 2 Easter Egg galleries This Star Trek: Discovery article contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 11.. Of all the episodes in Discovery Season 3, the episode Su'Kal, easily had the fewest overt callbacks to the.

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Threshold—widely considered one of the worst episodes of Star Trek ever made—first aired 25 years ago on January 29, 1996. Join us as we take a look back at Tom Paris' missing tongue, warp. Star Trek: Voyager is the fifth Star Trek series. It was created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor, and ran on UPN, as the network's first ever series, for seven seasons in the USA, from 1995 to 2001.In some areas without local access to UPN, it was offered to independent stations through Paramount Pictures, for its first six seasons.The series is best known for its familial crew.

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Star Trek: Discovery/Episodenliste Dieser Artikel gibt einen tabellarischen Überblick über die Episoden der US-Fernsehserie Star Trek: Discovery. Staffelübersicht. Staffel Episoden Erstveröffentlichung USA Erstveröffentlichung D-A-CH; 1: 15: 24. Sep. 2017 - 11. Feb. 2018: 25. Sep. 2017. The hands-down best episode of Star Trek is a riveting tale of time travel and altered history. When McCoy steps through a time portal back to Depression-era Earth, he saves the life of a. Q is a fictional character, as well as the name of a race in Star Trek appearing in the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Lower Decks series and in related media. The most familiar Q is portrayed by John de Lancie.He is an extra-dimensional being of unknown origin who possesses immeasurable power over time, space, the laws of physics, and reality itself, being capable of altering. Star Trek: Voyager S1 E1, 2 Caretaker, Part 1 & 2 While on a short-term mission to track an infiltrated Maquis cell, Capt. Kathryn Janeway and her newly launched U.S.S. Voyager crew -- and the Maquis fighter crew -- are drawn 70,000 lightyears to the far side of the Delta Quadrant by an alien seeking survival, calling itself the Caretaker Star Trek: The Next Generation is perhaps the pinnacle of the Trek franchise, which makes these five bottom-feeder episodes even more embarrassing

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Star Trek: Picard - Learn About Data With These 10 Next Generation Episodes By Kevin Wong on January 24, 2020 at 5:06PM PST Here's all the Data you'll need The 5 scariest episodes of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 - 1994) is one of the best examples of how sci-fi series shouldn't immediately be dismissed due to genre. Philosophical, dramatic, hilarious, and at times downright Shakespearean, TNG completely holds up to this day. It remains so popular that we're getting a sequel series (kind of) in. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Su'Kal Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Terra Firma, Part 2 Some Other Beginning's End. Season three of Star Trek: Discovery started with the promise of a new beginnin

Star Trek 1/32 scale Command Bridge model kit - YouTubeEx Astris Scientia - Real Stars and Bayer NamesStar Trek Official Calendar 2020 - Calendar Club UKStar Wars: Word Search and Coloring Book | Book by Editors

Star Trek: Picard -- the essential Trek episodes to watch before the new show. Catch up on these classic moments in Star Trek, The Next Generation and Voyager before Picard beams onto screens Jan. 23 Star Trek: Lower Decks will return with new episodes featuring Captain Riker and the USS Titan, and Star Trek: Prodigy is expected to debut in 2021, bringing back Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway Star Trek Discovery saison 3 episode 12 en streaming. Après un siècle de silence, une guerre éclate entre la Fédération et l'empire klingon, alors qu'un officier en disgrâce de la Starfleet se retrouve au centre du conflit Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). This incarnation of the famous starship is much larger than the one captained by James T. Kirk a century earlier, and, accordingly, it carries a larger crew complement: 1,012 men, womenand, surprisingl

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